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Oops...He Did It Again!?

I seen this community and knew I had to at least try this out. I thought it would be good times...especially since I usally cause a scene...for many reasons, wherever I go. I am always on the prowel for new journals to read/ community's to join and this one was definately one that I think needed to be brought about. So before you look at my pix and compare and are wondering about the user name and person in the pictures, no that is not a girl...its a boy, dressed up like one *Wink* lol. I dont live as a woman but I do perform and impersonate Ms.Britney Spears in Pittsurgh and Morgantown... someday hopefully everywhere! Dont hate, "The beauty of a soul has no gender", just compare and enjoy :-D.

The Real Brit

The Not So Real "Brit"

Me & My Friend (A Real Brittany)

Alright, I hope yall enjoy'd the pix. Should I get good feed back in here and nothing negative about "Gender Role" and yall really do like what you see, I can post more pix frequently from live events and shows I perform. Even post a lil tour schedule for those of you who may be close to an area and intrested in commin' out to watch me shake shake my thang. *Hugz&Kissez*

~*~xBoOxLoExEo~*~ (Pittsburgh's Very Own Britney)
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